VISA Advice & Appeal Service

Overseas Visas UK provide complete visa consultancy services for applicants wishing to live and work in the UK.


Depending on the purpose and term of visit there are various visa categories.


Visa Advice and Appeal Service;


We provide advice and assistance on the ‘UK visa categories’ listed in the left column at very reasonable rates.


Depending on the purpose and term of visit there are various different visa categories. Please contact our offices for full advice and assistance on making an initial application               (entry clearance visas or applications within the UK in any of the categories listed on the left column).


Application forms and guidance notes for out of country visa applications can be obtained from; ( apply/vafs)

Application forms and guidance notes for making visa applications within the UK can be obtained and downloaded from;(

Same Day service; Same day visa can be applied for some of the visa categories listed on this page. For full information on these please click here.

Right of Appeal


In some cases, you will have the right of appeal against the refusal decision. Some of most common categories where you would be given a right of appeal is are ;

Spouse, fiancé' or unmarried partner appeals to settle in the UK

European Nationals-refusal for permanent residence/registration certificate.

Refusal of family permit/ residence card/permanent residence for non EU family members of EEA nationals.

Visa refusal in dependant Parents, relatives, children in the UK

Tier1 Gen appeals (In-country refusals only).

PBS Dependant visa refusals.


 Appeals in cases of visa refusals from British High Commissions ;


If you have been refused a visa, you may apply again at any time, but if the circumstances leading to your refusal have not changed, you may be refused again. We can assist you in making visa appeals (also known as Entry Clearance appeals).

Appeals in case of visa refusals from UK Border Agency ;

 If you have made a valid visa application before the expiry of your previous visa, then you would be given a right of in-country appeal. The deadline to lodge a valid is 10 working days from date of receipt of refusal decision. As the time limits for appealing an in-country rejection are very less compared to those in case of entry clearance appeals, it is therefore important that you contact us promptly for advice without delay.

Our Appeals specialists are registered at level 3 with the OISC (the highest level of registration to provide appeals advice) and have successfully helped over 1000 clients with their immigration problems.


For help to progress an appeal please contact us.



What to do if you have received a visa refusal;


Please contact us to find out the deadline within which you can appeal and also please send us a copy of your visa refusal. We can provide free initial telephone advice on the merits of your appeal, the next steps and the time it would take for your appeal to be heard. If you decide to instruct us then we will arrange to see you for getting the documents ready to lodge the appeal.


 Immigration Appeal Fees;


We offer appeals at fixed fee rates in case of straightforward visa refusals with one issue. In case of more complex refusals with several issues, our appeal fees are individually priced depending on the time that would be spent in your appeal.  Our Appeal fees can be paid in installments. To get a full quote on an appeal case, please contact our offices.


We carry out the following work in appeal cases;


·         Lodge the appeal in time before the deadline.

·         Keep you informed of any correspondence from the court in relation to appeal hearing date.

·         Instruct an experienced barrister (Counsel) with specialist appeal experience.

·         Book a conference with Counsel.

·         Attend a conference at Counsel’s chambers with you.

·         Advice you on evidence.

·         Prepare your statements, appeal bundles and lodge them with the court and other relevant parties.

·         Instruct a Counsel to represent you at your appeal hearing.


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