Settlement and Citizenship 

 Permanent Settlement

We can assist you in making an application for settlement also known as Permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

Our experienced immigration lawyers can check your eligibility and advice you whether you may be able to apply to live here permanently, depending on the type of visa you have and your previous immigration history. For instance if you have currently have a spouse visa or you are here on a partner visa then you can apply for settlement when your near the end of the 2 year period. In other categories such as work visas such as work permits, HSMP’s, Tier1 (Gen, Tier1(Entrepreneur), Tier1 (Investors) etc  the qualifying period is 5 years. The only exception to settlement under the 5 years residence is in case of applicants who are covered by the HSMP Forums JR Policy documents. The settlement period in such cases is 4 years.


Long residence; if you have been living the UK for 10 years you may be able to qualify for settlement under the long residence categories. Only time spent on certain types of visas qualifies for being included in 10 year settlement category. Please make an appointment with our specialist advisers if you want to be sure that you have accumulated the 10 year residence under this category.

Apart from the residence requirements, in order to apply for permanent residence, if your are over 18, but under 65 years of age you will also need to show that you have both knowledge of life and language in the United Kingdom (the applicants under HSMP forum’s JR Policy, or those applying as dependant relatives do not have to take this’ life in the UK’ test).


When to apply for settlement?


Please note that you should not send your application for permanent settlement to the Home Office more than 28 days before the end of your qualifying period. However we would strongly advise that clients see one of our experienced immigration lawyers much in advance before this deadline so that we can provide you with full advice on the relevant documents required for this purpose and the procedure. This helps to avoid any last minute delays in getting the documents such as bank statements etc before your current permission to stay in the United Kingdom runs out.


We can offer same day visa processing service in most settlements categories except long residence categories. Please contact our offices if you wish to get further help with this.


We provide a document checking service for citizenship if you are confident in making this application yourself. This includes checking the documents and answering any questions in relation to the application or the procedure.

However if your case is complicated or you would much rather prefer our offices in providing full advice & assistance in making this application for you, then please contact our lawyers to have a brief chat and we can assist in submitting this application on your behalf to UKBA.


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